Alliance Alice M. Baxter College-Ready High School

Uniform Policy » The BHS Uniform

The BHS Uniform





 Uniform top w/ embroidered logo


 Non-uniform shirts

 Faded or ripped shirts

Sweaters & Jackets

 Gray V-neck sweaters, cardigans or sweater vests (may be plain or w/ embroidered BHS logo)

 School sponsored sweaters or sweatshirts


 Multi-colored sweaters

X Hooded sweatshirts (other than BHS-sponsored sweatshirts)

 Colors not identified in yes column

 No logos or designs of any kind, except where noted

 Faded or ripped sweaters/jackets



 Plain and solid (school colors) long-sleeve shirts underneath uniform

 Multi-colored long-sleeve shirts

 Colors not identified in yes column

Pants, Shorts, & Skirts

 Uniform pants/shorts (black). Pants must be straight-leg or boot-cut style. (Not tapered or form-fitting)

 Uniform skirts (black or BHS plaid)

All shorts/shirts must extend past the fingertips when arms are outstretched downward.


 Stretch pants or leggings

 Skinny or form-fitting pants/shorts

 Low-riding pants/shorts


 Short Shorts/Skirts

 Faded or ripped pants/shorts/shirts



 Close-toed shoes

 Rubber soled shoes

 Open-toed shoes




 Appropriate backpack or bag that can carry a Chromebook and binder/notepad

 Tagging or other patches added to backpacks that are explicit in nature or gang-affiliated


 Plain belts & belt buckles

 Simple jewelry


 Belt buckles with designs/logos

 Hats, Beanies, or other head coverings (except for religious/cultural observances)

 Dangling and excessive jewelry

Other Notes

- BHS prohibits any items that promote or display drugs, alcohol, other restricted substances, sex, violence, or gang activity. Any tattoos must be covered while on campus.

- Jackets and windbreakers may be worn outdoors in inclement weather, but must be removed indoors.