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S2 Period 6 IM2 Assignments

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Past Assignments


5/4/21 Classwork

5/4/21 Classwork " Pythagorean Theorem" Review

1. Watch video attached "Math Antics - The Pythagorean Theorem" and copy all of the examples into your notebooks.

2. In your notebooks, solve and show step by step work for the following problems ONLY:
                       1,   2,   3,    5,    7,    9,   15,     17.       (last two pages have the answers. Try to solve yourself first, then check your answers against the provided answer key. MUST SHOW WORK TO GET CREDIT)

3. Take pictures of your work and attach them here. 

4. Take an exit ticket (posted separately)


4/6/21 Triangle Dilations in Google Classroom

4/6/21 Triangle Dilations

Please submit the picture of the classwork: We created a dilated copy of a triangle (See slide 2) in your notebooks. 


3/17/21 IM2 Dilation and Scale Factor in Google Classroom

3/17/21 IM2 Dilation and Scale Factor

Video and screenshots from classwork were added below.


3/15/21 Congruent Triangles in Google Classroom

3/15/21 Congruent Triangles

Slides done in class: 1-9 (see screenshots of the examples for those slides)
Homework: Slides 10-13 Must be done before next class. We will be checking and presenting this homework. (slide 11 is also included since it is a bit challenging, please try it on your own first!)


2/25/21 IM2 Transformations in Google Classroom

2/25/21 IM2 Transformations


2/23/21 Assignment:

2/23/21 Assignment: "Transformation: Dilation"

1) Watch the video on "Dilation Transformation"
2) Use the desmos link to work on 6 problems


3/9 21 Lesson and Assignment: Congruent Triangles in Google Classroom

3/9 21 Lesson and Assignment: Congruent Triangles

Check your cards matching for the slide 6 done in the class (answer screenshot is attached)

Homework: For slides 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 write in the description of the congruent parts of the given triangles (see examples for slide 7 and slide 8 attached below)


2/18/21 Lesson and Homework Transformations. in Google Classroom

2/18/21 Lesson and Homework Transformations.

Please finish all problems on the slides 10-18 as a homework.

Examples from Classwork are posted as screenshots.

Watch attached 10 minutes video and take notes on the Rotation and Reflection parts of the video. Take pictures of your notes and posted here.


2/02/21 Lesson and Assignment Lines, Transversals, and Angles in Google Classroom

2/02/21 Lesson and Assignment Lines, Transversals, and Angles

For this assignment create graphs with descriptions in your notebooks.
1) copy a graph for Vertical Angles (slide # 9)
2) Graph for Linear Angles (slide #10)
3) Graph for Alternate interior angles (slide # 12)
4) Graph of Exterior angle of a triangle (slide # 17)
5) Slide #19: play with the parallel lines to see what happen to the Vertical angles, linear angles, and alternate interior angles when lines are not longer parallel. Write a conclusion about your findings in your notes.

Post pictures of your notes here.


1/19 Do Now in Google Classroom

1/19 Do Now