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Personalized Alliance College Experience (PACE)

PACE is a personalized learning model that builds upon Alliance’s successful college preparatory curriculum. This new way of learning truly integrates technology into the classroom, making learning more relevant, personalized, and dynamic. 
The PACE model is defined first and foremost by our constant efforts to better prepare students to succeed and persevere in college. This is built around two core principles: 1) Students should have access to college-level coursework while in high school, so that they can experience heightened rigor, while still receiving personalized support; and 2) Student should have opportunities to practice the skills that they will need in college, including: self-management of time, self-advocacy, and choice over learning experiences.
The PACE model embraces three types of learning:
Teacher-Led Small Group Instruction: Teachers provide direct instruction with individualized attention to a small group of 16 or fewer students.
Individualized Online Learning: Students learn at their own pace, receiving immediate feedback and taking more ownership of their educational progress. The online digital content addresses individual student needs, ensuring that students are neither held back nor left behind.
Collaborative Learning: Students work collaboratively on projects, creating presentations, videos, and other final products that demonstrate understanding of real world issues, while encouraging peer-to-peer cooperation.