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The PACE Model - Instruction » Mentorship (Advisory)

Mentorship (Advisory)

Providing a personalized learning environment in our schools through Student Advisory is a core value in the Alliance educational model.

Students learn best in small learning communities where their education is personalized, where they know their teachers, where their teachers and all adults in the school know them, where advisory structures connect each student with a personal learning team, and where there is student voice in all aspects of the school that directly affect them.

Student voice is essential in all aspects of the school that directly affect student learning, interests and needs through structures such as advisory groups that connect each student with a personal learning team. In the advisory period no student is allowed to “fall through the cracks” of anonymity.

The advisory focuses on four primary areas: 1) Personal Development, 2) Social Responsibility, 3) College and Career, 4) Community Building. The advisory teacher serves as the students’ mentor for four years so that students are connected to a consistent adult for guidance with studies, student relationships, and planning for college. All students will be well known and supported through small advisory groups of 15-20 students. A credentialed teacher will serve as advisor and will work with the same students through graduation. The advisory structure will provide a small focused support group to motivate and support each individual student’s progress.