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Uniform Policy » The BHS Uniform

The BHS Uniform

The School Board of Directors at Alliance Alice M. Baxter High School have approved the adoption of a uniform policy. This policy requires all students to be in uniform at all times, beginning with the first day of school. The uniform consists of shirts, pants, skirts, shorts and outerwear as described below.
We believe that student attire affects the learning environment of the school campus. Baxter High School relies upon the good judgment and taste of both students and families with respect to grooming and appearance. Cleanliness, neatness, and due regard for the legitimate sensibility of others are imperative.

At Baxter High School, each Grade Level will wear a different color shirt. For the 17-18 school year:
9th Grade: Purple polo with Black pants/shorts
10th Grade: Dark Heather Gray polo with Black pants/shorts/skirts
11th Grade: Light Heather Gray polo with Black pants/shorts/skirts
12th Grade: Black polo with Black OR Tan/Khaki pants/shorts/skirts
At the the end of each year, students who are on-track academically (tracked by credits-earned) are promoted to the next grade level, and receive their rising grade polo. Students can only purchase uniform polos if they earn the appropriate number of credits to be in that grade level. The first uniform polo will be provided for FREE by Baxter High School.
The following uniform requirements apply to all students:





 Uniform polo w/ embroidered logo


 Non-uniform shirts

 Faded or ripped shirts

Sweaters & Jackets

 Crew or V-neck sweaters, cardigans or sweater vests in school colors (may be plain or w/ embroidered BHS logo)

 School-sponsored sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets


 Multi-colored sweaters

X Hooded sweatshirts (other than BHS-sponsored sweatshirts)

 Colors not identified in yes column

 No logos or designs of any kind, except where noted

 Faded or ripped sweaters/jackets


 Plain and solid black or white undershirt (long-sleeve is permissible)

 Multi-colored long-sleeve shirts

 Hooded or out-of-size undershirts or sweaters

 Colors not identified in yes column

Pants, Shorts, & Skirts

 Uniform pants/shorts (black). 

SENIORS ONLY: Alternate tan/khaki uniform pants/shorts may be worn in addition to the standard black

 Uniform skirts (black or gray)

All shorts/shirts must extend past the fingertips when arms are outstretched downward.


 Stretch pants or leggings

 Low-riding pants/shorts


 Short Shorts/Skirts

 Faded or ripped pants/shorts/shirts

 Sweatpants or pajamas


 Close-toed, close-heeled shoes

 Rubber soled shoes

 Open-toed shoes




 Appropriate backpack or bag that can carry a Chromebook and binder/notepad, basic school supplies safely and securely

 Tagging or other patches added to backpacks that are explicit in nature or gang-affiliated


 Plain belts & belt buckles

 Simple jewelry

 School hats/beanies for OUTSIDE weather protection only

 Belt buckles with ornate designs

 Hats, Beanies, or other head coverings inside (except for religious/cultural observances)

 Dangling and excessive jewelry

Other Notes

- BHS prohibits any items that promote or display drugs, alcohol, other restricted substances, sex, violence, or gang activity. Any tattoos must be covered while on campus.

- Non-Uniform jackets and windbreakers may be worn outdoors in inclement weather, but must be removed indoors.

Uniform Policy while doing Physical Fitness activities:
Tops: Plain, solid-colored t-shirt or athletic shirt in school colors (white, black, purple, gray).
Bottoms: Plain-colored shorts or pants in school colors (white, black, purple, gray). Shorts must adhere to same dress code length. Appropriate athletic bottoms may include: athletic shorts, sweatpants, track pants, yoga pants, spandex.
We aim to make the BHS Uniform expectations clear and understandable. As always, if there are any further questions in regards to the uniform policy, guidance in ensuring compliance, or you foresee difficulties abiding by the policies in place, please contact the school, and we would be glad to assist you.
A reminder that every student's first Baxter High School uniform polo is provided, free of charge.