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Parent Engagement » Parent Rights

Parent Rights

Parents are guaranteed certain rights within each Alliance campus. Parents have the right to:
  • Work in partnership with the school to help their child succeed.
  • Observe the classroom(s) in which their child is enrolled or will be enrolled.
  • Meet with their child’s teacher(s) and the principal.
  • Volunteer under the supervision of school employees.
  • Be notified if their child is absent from school without permission.
  • Receive results of their child’s performance on standardized and statewide tests and information on the performance of the school.
  • Have a school environment for their child that is safe and conducive of learning.
  • Examine curriculum materials of the class(es) in which their child is enrolled.
  • Be informed of their child’s progress in school and of the appropriate school personnel whom they should contact if problems arise.
  • Have access to the school records of their child and question anything that they feel is inaccurate misleading or is in violation of the student’s privacy.
  • Receive information concerning the academic performance standards, proficiencies, or skills their child is expected to accomplish.
  • Be informed in advance about school rules, attendance policies, dress codes, and procedures for visiting the school.
  • Receive information about any psychological testing the school does involving their child and to deny permission to give the test.
  • Participate as a member of the school advisory committee, school site council, or site-based management leadership group in accordance with any rules and regulations governing membership in these groups.