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Discipline: Suspension & Expulsion » Process for Suspension

Process for Suspension

Suspension is preceded by an informal conference conducted by the Principal or Principal’s designee with the student and the student’s parent. The conference may be omitted if the administrative staff determines that an emergency situation exists. An “emergency situation” involves a clear and present danger to the lives, safety or health of students or school personnel. If the student is suspended without a conference, the parent is notified of the suspension, a request for a conference to be made as soon as possible and the conference to be held as soon as possible.

Notice to Parents:
At the time of suspension, the principal makes a reasonable effort to contact the parent by telephone or in person. Whenever a student is suspended, the parent/guardian shall be notified in writing of the suspension and the date of return following suspension. This notice states the specific offense committed by the student. In addition, the notice also states the date and time the student may return to school. If Alliance X College-Ready Academy X administrators wish to ask the parent to confer regarding matters pertinent to the suspension, the notice may note that the parents are strongly encouraged to respond to this request without delay and that student violations of school rules can result in student expulsion from the school.

Length of Suspension:
Suspensions, when not including a recommendation for expulsion, shall not exceed five (5) consecutive school days per suspension. Upon a recommendation of Expulsion by the Principal or Principal’s designee, the pupil and the pupil’s guardian or representative will be invited to a conference to determine if the suspension for the pupil should be extended pending an expulsion hearing. This determination will be made by the Principal or designee upon either of the following: 1) the pupil’s presence will be disruptive to the education process; or 2) the pupil poses a threat or danger to others. Upon either determination, the pupil’s suspension will be extended pending the results of an expulsion hearing. Students who receive an extended suspension will be offered an interim placement at another Alliance school campus when possible, or independent student from the attending school.