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Transportation Policies » Drop Off and Pick Up Policy

Drop Off and Pick Up Policy

Baxter High School urges you to support our priority of student and traffic safety around our school. In order to relieve traffic congestion in the morning around the school, Baxter High School has a designated location at which you can drop-off and pick-up your child in the parking lot at the South East corner of 9th Street and Pacific Avenue. Safe driving around the school improves the safety for all children, including yours. Please consider the following recommendations:
  • Please use the approved drop-off area.
  • Please drive slowly while children are present.
  • Drivers MUST yield to pedestrians.
  • Drop off your child inside the parking lot.
  • When dropping off your child, pull to the drop-off spot safely, have your child exit carefully and depart immediately. This will allow others to safely bring their children to school.
  • Do not block crosswalks, driveways, red zones, or fire hydrants.
  • Left turns in and out of the on-campus drop-off area are discouraged.
  • In some cases it is illegal to make U-turns near the school. They should always be avoided when traffic is heavy.
  • Be courteous to your fellow parents, school employees, and residents.
  • Remain alert and encourage others to follow these safe driving tips.
Drop off
In the interest of student safety and to honor our agreement with the community that we serve, we remind you that students are discouraged from driving to school. Student driving contributes to the possibility of accidents, parking problems, blocking resident’s driveways, tardiness, and truancy. We do not guarantee reserved parking in the school parking lot during school hours, or in any adjacent public parking lots.