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  • 3:28 Carbon Cycle

    After watching the video, please answer the following questions:
    1. All living things need to take in carbon-containing molecules to do what 2 things?
    2. The process of fueling our bodies is also known as?
    a. Photosynthesis
    b. Cellular Respiration
    c. Neither
    3. How does carbon in the air become a part of the plant?
    4. What is another name for a primary consumer?
    5. How does the carbon in a plant become a part of the primary consumer?
    6. Decomposers such as fungi and bacteria get carbon from what 3 things?
    7. How does carbon return to the atmosphere?
    8. Photosynthesis removes carbon from the atmosphere at a comparable rate at which Cellular Respiration returns carbon to the atmosphere. What do you think would happen if this balance was upset?

    Uploaded Aug 20, 2014by Joyce Cheng
  • 3:22 Italian Numbers 1-10

    Uploaded Aug 05, 2014by Kate McCabe-LeFever
  • 00:10 Sample Video

    Uploaded Jun 26, 2014

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